• The Benefits of a Montessori Education over a Public Education

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    Like any dedicated parent, you want the best for your child, from the food they eat to the education they receive. Whether you’re considering preschool, daycare, or private elementary school, a Montessori school can make a positive difference in your child’s life. Why should you choose a Montessori school over a public school? Consider the following reasons.

    • Montessori schools believe in a philosophy of respect for each individual child. While many public schools focus on getting students through classes and on to the next grade, Montessori educators focus on the uniqueness and individual progress and development of each child.
    • Children stay with their teachers for an extended period of time. Studies have shown that, for optimal cognitive and social development, a child should have a trusted adult they can rely on when they are away from home. The longer the bond lasts, the more important and beneficial the bond becomes. At Montessori schools, children stay with their teachers for three years. This encourages close, long-term relationships between teachers and their pupils, which benefits the child academically—teachers can see the child’s progress and plan their studies accordingly.
    • Montessori schools focus on emotional and spiritual growth of students, not just their academic performances. Public schools often need to push students to perform well on standardized testing to keep funding, which neglects the needs of many children in a fundamental way. Montessori instructors help a child grow holistically with a more balanced approach—children are taught non-violence and conflict resolution, the importance of individuality and independence, and leadership and problem-solving skills. We use hands-on investigation, research, and experiments to encourage active learning and real progress.

    For more information on Montessori education, please call us today at our campuses located in Starcreek: (972) 727-2800, North Dallas: (972) 985-8844, and West Plano: (972) 618-8824.

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  • The Montessori School at Starcreek Featured in Active Rain Realtor Blog

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    The Janus Real Estate Group’s blog, Active Rain, featured The Montessori School at Starcreek as a one of the best Montessori schools in the Starcreek Community and in Allen. 

    “The Montessori School at Starcreek i n Allen, TX does not have what you would know as formal testing, nor do they have standardized testing.  Instead, they test students in a different fashion.  After teaching students, they then have the students present it back to the teachers to ensure they truly understand each and every topic.  So they present the teachings or topics to the child, then have the child work on it (learning by doing, touching, exploring), and will not move on until that child has mastered it.”

    To read the full blog post, click here .  

  • For More Information About the Montessori Curriculum, Browse Through These Resources

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    The Montessori Curriculum is designed to allow children to in ways that are most effective for developing minds. Explore some of the many unique benefits of this type of learning with the recommended links below. To find out if a Montessori education is right for your child, visit the Montessori Schools . We have locations in Allen, Dallas, and West Plano that you can contact at 972-727-2800, 972-985-8844, or 972-618-8844.

    • Check out some of the materials used in the math curriculum at MariaMontessori.com.
    • The NCTM discusses the importance of math education for children.
    • This article from Columbia University reveals facts about how children learn.
    • Visit the CDC to learn the important milestones of childhood development .

  • The Foundations for Learning

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    Children learn at an incredible rate from the time they are born to the end of grade school. They acquire language, become literate, grasp mathematical concepts, and begin to build on their basic skills. In order to accomplish these feats, children must have a solid foundation rooted in an educational system that encourages self-discovery and individual growth. This is important because not all children learn the same way, and the basic building blocks of knowledge need to be nurtured differently for each child to reach a common endpoint of learning and understanding.

    The road from beginnings to mastery
    No child can simply pick up a book and begin to read. The process of reading is much more complex, and it occurs over months of growth. First, a child needs to recognize and use her own language when speaking. Once communication is achieved, the connection can be made between sounds and symbols. Children may begin to learn the alphabet and associate noises with certain letters. This connection leads to spelling and recognizing whole written words, which the child will eventually be able to read in the context of a book.

    How Montessori education establishes the foundations
    At Montessori schools, the progression from introduction to language to the mastery of reading is performed at the will of the child. Activities to encourage the use of new letters and words are designed by the instructor, but the child works through them independently with the teacher serving as an observer. The teacher may introduce the next step once the child is ready, but the child will feel as if she has taught herself. This allows the child to gain self-confidence and develop a sense of concentration that will help her grasp more complex concepts as her education continues.

    To learn more about how the Montessori method builds on the foundations of learning through independent discovery, contact the Montessori Schools in Allen, Dallas, and West Plano. Reach the location in your area by calling 972-727-2800, 972-985-8844, or 972-618-8844.