• A Mom Talks About the Benefits of Montessori

    Because of its intense focus on students as individuals, Montessori is unlike other schools. For more insight into what makes our philosophy of learning so unique, watch this video for a mom’s perspective on how Montessori helped her children be successful.

    As the mother in the video notes, Montessori is great for children who need accelerated learning plans or who thrive with individual attention. Montessori believes that every child has a unique learning style, and we seek to find that style in order to help them succeed.

    To learn more about Montessori education and see if it is right for your child, contact one of our campuses in the DFW area. Call the campus in Starcreek at (972-727-2800), North Dallas at (972-985-8844), or West Plano at (972-618-8844).

  • Exploring Science in Your Home

    Young explorers

    Science doesn’t just take place in a lab or classroom. Though you may not realize it, science is all around you every day, and that includes inside your home. By exploring the science of the world around us, you can help your child learn to think critically and develop new interests . Here are just a few of the places you and your child can learn together.

    • Kitchen. Cooking is all about science , from frying an egg to baking a cake. Invite your child to help you in the kitchen (or to watch what you do) and talk about what is happening. You don’t have to have a perfect understanding of chemistry or physics—even just asking your child to predict what will happen next is a great way to develop his scientific mind.
    • Outdoors. Explore your backyard or take a walk around the neighborhood to learn more about the natural world. You and your child can compare and contrast plants, talk about how seeds grow, or examine insects and animal life and talk about how they live. You can also start a garden to track the progress of seeds into plants. At night, you can point out constellations and explain a bit about stars.
    • Bathtub. Fill up your bathtub and gather a variety of objects, like coins, blocks of wood, bath toys, and anything else you can think of. Before putting them in the water, ask your child to make predictions about what will float and what will sink. Don’t forget to ask him how he came to that decision; learning to articulate his decision-making process is a vital skill. After you’ve learned what sinks and what floats, ask your child to guess why.

    When you’re exploring science with your child, you don’t need to have all the answers. You and your child can discover the answers to his questions together by researching and performing experiments. At The Montessori School , we value parental involvement in our students’ learning process. Reach our campuses in Starcreek, North Dallas, or West Plano by calling 972-727-2800, 972-985-8844, or 972-618-8844, respectively.

  • Learn More About Montessori Education With The Resources Listed Below

    Child working on math problem

    Unlike other schools, Montessori schools are geared toward individual development through self-exploration and creative learning. Read through these recommended articles to learn about a typical day in the life of a Montessori child.

    Understand more about the benefits of quality education at The Montessori Schools . Call Starcreek at 972-727-2800, North Dallas at 972-985-8844, or West Plano at 972-618-8844.

  • A Montessori Education and the Role of the Teacher

    Montessori and the Role of a Teacher


    When observers look into a Montessori classroom, they are often amazed to see students working independently while the teacher observes. Standard classrooms are almost exclusively teacher-driven, and a large amount of focus is placed on delivering information through lecture. Montessori education is very different. Students are able to explore new information on their own while the teacher acts as a facilitator for these activities.

    How teachers influence the curriculum

    Although teachers may not appear to be active in the Montessori classroom, they are actually working to understand the individual learning styles of each student. Assignments and activities are designed to cater to the personality of each child so that all work is productive and educational. The instructor serves as a bridge between every student and the learning process by presenting new steps to build upon existing skills. As students complete their learning packages, they seem to be teaching themselves while the instructor watches to make sure that progress continues to improve.

    The benefits of a student driven classroom

    Montessori students have a sense of accomplishment in learning any skill, because they have discovered new information using their own intellectual abilities. Young children have highly active minds, and they are able to comprehend a large volume of new information every single day. When they are allowed to do this through self-discovery using their own personal learning styles, children are taught discipline, respect, and independence. Beginning these habits early will help your child achieve great strides academically and throughout life.

    To find out more about the difference a Montessori education can make, visit The Montessori Schools in Starcreek, North Dallas, and West Plano. Call the location nearest you at 972-727-2800, 972-985-8844, or 972-618-8844. Our curriculum includes a wide spectrum of subjects from traditional to creative areas of learning.