• Video: Montessori: Start Early with Your Child

    Learning is a process that begins from infancy, so every object in a child’s environment can be a tool for understanding new information and building skills.

    This video shows how infants complete tasks and highlights the benefits of certain activities. Repetition should be encouraged, but the activities should still present some element of challenge. When little interest is shown by the child, the task is either too easy or too hard.

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  • Adapting Your Home to a Growing Child

    Adapting Your Home to a Growing Child

    Children develop with influences from both their genetics and from their environment. Therefore, it is important to establish a positive home environment to support the learning experiences that your child has during his or her Montessori education . Help your child flourish intellectually and creatively by making these changes in your home.

    • Keep a large collection of children’s books

    Encouraging your child to explore language and read at any age is a beneficial activity. Help your child get excited about reading by choosing books that cater to his or her interests. Have your child read aloud with you so that you can spend time enjoying a book together while he or she shows off reading skills.

    • Reduce time spent watching television

    TV and electronic games do not engage children’s minds in the way that active playing does. If you do let your child watch television, limit TV time to about 1 hour per day. Simple toys that can inspire a young imagination are far more exciting and educational than electronic toys and games.

    • Prepare healthy meals and snacks

    Proper nutrition is essential to brain development and academic success. Steer clear of processed foods and high-sugar items. Instead, offer fresh fruits, veggies, whole grains, and nuts as snacks. Make meals that include the right portions of all the major food groups so that your child can grow up right.

    • Let your child help decorate his or her room

    Your child’s room is his or her own space to play, sleep, and learn. When you are decorating this area, include your child’s input so that he or she feels at home.

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  • Find Out More about The Montessori Way with These Great Resources

    Early Childhood Development

    In our latest blogs, we’ve discussed how The Montessori way can assist parents, and the importance of early childhood education. Explore the links below to learn more about these topics. For information on enrolling your child at a Montessori School , call our Starcreek location at (972) 727-2800, our North Dallas location at (972) 985-8844, or our West Plano location at (972) 618-8844.

  • Dr. Steve Hughes: Montessori and the Future of Education

    The Montessori Schools provide education and care that are based on the encouragement each child’s natural desire to learn. This method presents several advantages over the traditional system of education for children.

    This video features a discussion of the future of education and The Montessori way. During the clip, the importance of developing the whole person, rather than just encouraging children to know facts, is discussed.

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