• Halloween Party This Monday, Oct. 31, for all Montessori Schools: North Dallas, West Plano and StarCreek!

    Jack O' Lantern

    On Monday, October 31, the Montessori Schools of North Dallas, West Plano and StarCreek will each be having their own Halloween Party!

    Please no candy or costumes! We will provide snacks.

    Questions? Call The Montessori Schools : StarCreek (972.727.2800), North Dallas (972.985.8844) and West Plano (972.618.8844)

  • West Plano Montessori School Events: Book Fair! 972 618 8844

    red apple on a stack of books

    The West Plano Montessori School Book Fair, October 24 – 29 , is an opportunity to support the super student in your life and to promote literacy!  Books for every age will be available. The Book Fair theme is “To the Book Fair and Beyond.”

    Reading has never been more important. No matter how advanced technology gets or how flat the world becomes, reading will continue to be the gateway to a better life.  It is the core skill that helps children master all others.

    Call 972 618 8844 for more information  – We hope to see you there!  

  • Understanding the Principles Behind the Montessori Educational Model

    Montessori History

    For more than a century, the ideas of Maria Montessori have been helping children grow and develop into thoughtful, creative people who are fully engaged with the world around them. The Montessori method has spread far and wide to more than 20,000 schools around the world, but it continues to stand firmly on the same principles laid down by its founder. These principles include:

    Self-motivation. Children are naturally curious. If given the opportunity, they will happily spend hours learning about the world around them. At a Montessori school, a child will be guided to activities that foster learning, rather than being taught that “learning” consists of memorizing answers. They will not only learn more; they will also develop a love for learning.

    Self-pacing. Unlike schools that confine learning to clearly define time-frames, the Montessori method holds that children learn better when they are allowed the time to concentrate. Rather than being whisked from math to science to reading in the space of a few hours, a child is permitted to focus on one activity at a time at an uninterrupted pace .

    Peer-to-peer learning. While children at a Montessori school learn self-reliance and independence, they also learn to work with others. In a Montessori classroom, children of various ages will work closely together, with the older students helping the younger students. This not only makes for more effective learning, but also teaches children how to live and work effectively in communities .

    A sense of order. A Montessori classroom provides a focused, orderly environment for learning. Although the students may be working on different activities and at different paces, they are working in what Maria Montessori called a “prepared environment,” which provides them with all the tools they need to learn and a suitable atmosphere for education.

    If you want to ensure that your child receives the best education possible, then consider the value of a Montessori school. To learn more about the Montessori plan for schools and preschools, contact one of The Montessori Schools : We have locations in StarCreek (Allen) (972.727.2800), in North Dallas (972.985.8844), and in West Plano (972.618.8844).

  • Check out some pictures from yesterday’s visit from the Fairview Fire Department at The Montessori School at StarCreek!

    Fairview Firefighters at Montessori StarCreek

  • Montessori School at StarCreek Important Reminders


    Hours of Operation:

    8:30-11:30 (Half day)

    8:30– 2:45 (Extended day)

    7:00-6:00 (Full day)

    • Services are available if needed outside your normal school attendance hours for a fee of $10.00 an hour (no prorating available).  Fees are due on the day the services are used. 
    • We would like to emphasize the importance of coming to school on time.  Students who come to school late miss the Montessori lesson time and this affects their educational performance.  We would like to see all children at the school by 8:30 a.m. everyday. 

     Questions? Call us (972) 727-2800

  • How your child can benefit from a Montessori education – watch the video!

    A child who attends a Montessori school will have a dramatically different educational experience than a child who attends a public school. As Montessori Foundation President Tim Seldin explains in this video, the point of Montessori schools is prepare them for university and the world beyond, not to memorize answers in order to pass standardized tests.

    Children who attend Montessori schools learn to ask questions and be curious about the world around them. They develop a strong sense of self-worth and independence. They learn how to live in communities and how to work as a part of a team. No matter what their backgrounds are, children stand to gain an enormous amount from attending a Montessori school.

    Are you wondering how your child can benefit from the Montessori experience? If so, then contact The Montessori School of Starcreek (Allen) at (972) 727-2800, of North Dallas at (972) 985-8844, or of West Plano at (972) 618-8844.

  • Smile! Tomorrow and Friday is Picture Day at the Montessori School of North Dallas! More information: (972) 727-2800

  • Montessori School at StarCreek: The Pink Tower

    Pink Tower

    The purpose of the pink tower is to build blocks of graduated 3 dimensional sizes in order to understand sequence and order. The cubes represent the concrete concept of the numbers of 1 through 10. It develops:

    1. 1. Visual and small muscular perception of dimensions.
    2. This awareness of dimensions leads to observation of the child’s environment.
    3. Helps to make smoother and more coordinated movement.
    4. Math readiness by introducing concepts of smaller, larger, prepares for the decimal and number system.

    It also helps to prepare for the cube root. 1000 smallest cubes make the largest 10th cube. 8 of the smallest cubes make the second cube, 27 of the smallest cube make the third cube, 64 of the smallest cubes make the fourth cube, and 124 cubes make the fifth cube, and so on.

    For more information about how our Montessori schoolscan give your child a rich and full educational experience, contact one of  The Montessori Schools  in Starcreek (Allen) at (972) 727-2800, in North Dallas at (972) 985-8844, or in West Plano at (972) 618-8844      . 

  • The Importance and Benefits of Early Childhood Education

    Cute reader

    The first few years of your education may also be the most important. Studies consistently show that the quality of a child’s earliest years of schooling play a significant role in later scholastic achievement.

    They also show that enrolling in classes prior to the kindergarten age is extremely important to a child’s emotional and intellectual development.  The many benefits of early education include:

    • The earlier you begin learning, the stronger your cognitive skills become at a critical stage of development. A 2007 study found that children with pre-kindergarten education found it much easier to learn to read and do math problems. By challenging your brain at an early age, you boost your ability to learn difficult concepts and think in creative, innovative ways.
    • Early education enables children to develop strong social skills. By being in an environment with other children, a child learns to work and play as part of a community. At Montessori schools, for instance, children are teamed with students from different age groups, which helps acclimate them to working with people who are dissimilar to them.
    • Children crave knowledge. They begin to pepper adults with questions as soon as they gain the ability to ask. An effective early education program provides children with a suitable environment for learning, which gives them the structure and the time necessary to explore the world around them.
    • A quality early education increases a child’s likelihood of a successful future. A 25-year study of the effectiveness of early education programs found that children who begin their schooling before kindergarten are more likely to graduate from high school, steer clear of trouble, and lead stable, happy lives.

    Montessori schools have been providing unique learning opportunities to children since 1911. To learn more about what the best Montessori preschool, private elementary school, or daycare plan can do for your child, contact The Montessori School of Starcreek (Allen) at (972) 727-2800, of North Dallas at (972) 985-8844, or of West Plano at (972) 618-8844.