How the Montessori Method Encourages Creativity


Every child is born with a spark of genius. According to the Montessori philosophy, that spark is dimmed by traditional teaching methods. What Montessori private schools seek to accomplish—in daycare, preschool, and elementary school—is to develop a plan for each child that brings out his or her inherent creative side.

  • According to the schools’ founder, Dr. Maria Montessori, children must have the freedom to decide what they are interested in and to investigate their interests at their own pace. They must be free to stumble across solutions on their own as they explore the world around them. Through a balance of play and learning , Montessori students develop the independence, confidence, and sense of self-discipline that are fundamental to the learning process.
  • In order for children’s creative sides to properly develop, they must be in an orderly environment that will nurture their creativity and provide the tools they need to explore. Instead of simply memorizing answers and learning to take tests, students in a Montessori daycare choose their own assignments from materials that are designed to be interesting, engaging, and challenging for their level of development. In an art project, for example, a Montessori teacher will provide students with the techniques and materials they need to create, rather than telling them what to create.
  • Montessori learning is active, not passive. Instead of sitting and listening to a teacher, a Montessori student learns by exploring the environment and sharing knowledge with others. Unlike traditional schools, Montessori schools are not graded by age. Instead, older children work and learn side by side with younger children. Students are grouped according to interest and ability, which enables them to learn and develop at their own speed.

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