• A Look at Montessori Schools vs. Public Schools

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    Your child’s elementary education is not something to take lightly. A private elementary school can help your child learn the life skills they need to succeed. If you are trying to find the best elementary school for your child, then consider the benefits of Montessori schools vs. public schools .


    Unlike many public schools, Montessori private schools in Allen encourage academic excellence and high achievement. Higher expectations and a rigorous academic curriculum engage students’ interest and desire to learn. The Montessori school curriculum includes music, art, gardening, history, reading, writing, math, and many other fun and educational enrichment programs.

    Moral Values

    Private elementary schools help instill important civic and core values at an early age. Get your child on the right track and increase proper social development with the right set of moral values. The Montessori Preschool Plan teaches your children the principals and ethics they need to thrive in our growing society.


    Montessori schools help to develop lifelong study habits and concentration skills that public schools are unable to provide. Private schools also promote inner discipline, organization, persistence, and improve your child’s attitude towards higher education. Give your child the self-confidence and basic skills they need with a Montessori daycare program.

    School Safety

    Your child needs a safe and comfortable environment in order to learn. According to the Schools and Staffing Survey (SASS), private schools tend to make students feel 64% safer than public school environments. The first few years away from home can be scary for your child; make the transition easier by finding the safest private school possible.

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  • Learn more about the Montessori Philosophy

    An education is an important lifelong tool that can never be taken away. Get your child started on the right track at a Montessori school. Our professionals provide the educational programs for your child’s needs. For programs, locations, or to register your child for our daycare program, visit our website today. 

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  • What Will Your Preschooler Learn at a Montessori School?

    Early education sets your child up with a strong foundation for the rest of their life. Are you looking for the best elementary school or Montessori preschool for your child? Montessori schools in Allen help children develop the skills and attitudes for a lifetime of success. Having trouble deciding between a public school and a private preschool? Consider these four  skills your preschooler will learn at Montessori preschools .

     1.  Sensory Motor Skills

    The Montessori preschool is for children ages 3-6 and is designed to educate children during their most developmentally sensitive stages. Montessori school programs in Allen help children develop 80% of their personality, enhance mobility, and improve their sensory and overall motor skills. 

     2.  Peer Interaction

    Peer-to-peer interaction is vital to overall social development. Montessori private preschools provide enrichment programs, music and art programs, and group lessons in order to facilitate proper communication skills. Help your child learn social competence and proper group behavior with one of Montessori’s best elementary schools.

     3.  Self-Confidence

    It is important for your child to feel comfortable with themselves. Montessori daycares and private schools teach with fun and educational hands-on activities or games. Allowing your child to figure things out on their own improves self-confidence and promotes feelings of independence and integrity.

     4.  Discipline

    When you think of preschoolers, you shouldn’t think of children screaming and running wild. Studies show that children face the hardest self-control issues between the ages of 2-5. Programs with the Montessori preschool in Allen not only promote self-confidence and social skills, but also encourage inner-discipline and behavior control.

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