Maria Montessori: A Brief Biography

Many people have heard of Montessori Private Elementary Schools. You’ve probably heard people talking about how innovative they are; allowing students to try new activities and pursue what they are interested in. Montessori schools encourage children to love education by being able to have a say in what they learn about.

However, Montessori schools wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for one woman— Maria Montessori .

  • Montessori was born in Italy in 1870. She came from a wealthy family, and because of this, she had the privilege of studying at the best schools and visiting the best museums and libraries. Education always played a very big role in Maria’s life, and she worked hard to become Italy’s very first woman doctor.
  • Working with children in the hospitals pushed her to accept a job taking care of the poor children of Rome in 1907. She became famous because of how well she cared for the children, and how well they turned out due to her Montessori method.
  • She was then invited to be in charge of her own classroom in America. Her class was awarded two gold medals because of their achievements during their time with Montessori.
    • Her method encouraged children to pursue their own interests. They could work independently, allowing them to learn at their own pace. They could also work in groups of children of varying ages—allowing them to teach and learn from one another.
  • Maria Montessori’s innovative method has been found to enable children to learn at a much higher level than average for their age group. These schools have been called some of the best elementary schools because they put the student in charge of their learning. The teacher is there to guide the student, not talk down to them or tell them what to think.


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