Fun Learning Activities You Can Do At Home With Your Child

If you really want to be involved in your child’s education, and you think your private elementary school decision was a good one, there are way to get more involved.

Here are some ideas:

1.)    Read to Your Child.

  • Reading is so very important. Encourage your child to read by reading with them. You might have them in the best elementary school available, but nothing substitutes for the need a child has to be read to. If you want them to do well later in life, then encourage them to love reading. You’ll love seeing their reading abilities develop and reading with them will be a bonding time.

2.)    Puzzles!

  • Puzzles are a great way to help a child learn to focus. This will help your child’s fine motor skills while giving you the ability to view their progress.


3.)    Painting.

  • While painting can be messy, it is an amazing venue for your child to express his or her creativity, while allowing them to develop concentration as well. While their Montessori daycare may give them these opportunities, it is always wonderful for a child to work alongside of mommy or daddy.


It is always exceptionally important to spend time with your child. While your Montessori preschool plan may involve them in highly education activities, there is nothing better than a parent who can stimulate their child. If you would like to make sure your child has an excellent education outside the home as well, then check out the Montessori School . We would love to help your child gets the education that they deserve!

Give us a call for admission information, 972-727-2800. Our  schools  are conveniently located in Allen, Dallas and Plano.

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