• Montessori Primary & Elementary Explained

    Have you ever wondered what a Montessori daycare is really like?

    This video shows Sue Pritzker explaining what exactly her Montessori school does. She notes that while her students are dependant on their parents, those parents may be worried for the future of their children. Thus, children are taught in a way that supports the development of the individual child within the context of a group setting.

    This group setting ensures that the child learns how to balance their needs against the needs of the group. While many of the activities might not be exclusively academic, the children have the opportunity in every instance to learn how to think, how to problem solve, and how to trust themselves with confidence that those around them will allow them to be who they are.

    The Montessori School  encourages children to pursue their interests, learning to freely express themselves, enjoy education, and learn about responsibility all at the same time.

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  • Fun Learning Activities You Can Do At Home With Your Child

    If you really want to be involved in your child’s education, and you think your private elementary school decision was a good one, there are way to get more involved.

    Here are some ideas:

    1.)    Read to Your Child.

    • Reading is so very important. Encourage your child to read by reading with them. You might have them in the best elementary school available, but nothing substitutes for the need a child has to be read to. If you want them to do well later in life, then encourage them to love reading. You’ll love seeing their reading abilities develop and reading with them will be a bonding time.

    2.)    Puzzles!

    • Puzzles are a great way to help a child learn to focus. This will help your child’s fine motor skills while giving you the ability to view their progress.


    3.)    Painting.

    • While painting can be messy, it is an amazing venue for your child to express his or her creativity, while allowing them to develop concentration as well. While their Montessori daycare may give them these opportunities, it is always wonderful for a child to work alongside of mommy or daddy.


    It is always exceptionally important to spend time with your child. While your Montessori preschool plan may involve them in highly education activities, there is nothing better than a parent who can stimulate their child. If you would like to make sure your child has an excellent education outside the home as well, then check out the Montessori School . We would love to help your child gets the education that they deserve!

    Give us a call for admission information, 972-727-2800. Our  schools  are conveniently located in Allen, Dallas and Plano.

  • Exceptional Qualities of Montessori Schools

    There are many ways for children to learn. Even today, parents are entrusting their children to teachers who are practicing new ways of instruction. While education was once exceptionally formulaic in nature, with a teacher lecturing to his or her students, education has evolved into a creative journey to ensure the child’s mind develops naturally and to its full potential.

    Of course, as a parent, desiring the best elementary school for your child is natural. You want what is best for them, but are not always sure what that is. Do you send them to a regular day care, or do you try a Montessori daycare? Is a private elementary school right for your child? Here are some qualities to consider when looking into your Montessori school plan:

    1.)    Montessori schools focus on the individualism of the child.

    • If the child is particularly interested in one focus, then encourage them and allow them to really explore it themselves.

    2.)    Montessori schools ensure that your child learns concentration.

    • Concentration is an important aspect of learning and something that children should develop at an early age. The Montessori School makes sure that while learning is a fun activity, children find productivity in their ability to hone in on what it is that they are studying.

    3.)    Montessori schools use specific materials to educate their children.

    • At a Montessori school, you might see children playing with beads rather than writing numbers on a piece of paper. This is because Montessori schools believe a child should be educated through their own discovery of useful every day knowledge and should physically see the outcome of their learning.

    Obviously you want to send your child to the best elementary school available. To know exactly what type of school is best for your child, you have to know your child, know how they learn best, and know their personality. If you believe that the Montessori style of teaching is right for your child, then check out Montessori School . We would love to help your child grow!

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  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day!

    Valentines Day

    Valentine’s Day is coming up! We will be celebrating the holiday here at each of the Montessori Schools.

    For any questions regarding the Valentine’s Day Party being held at each of the Montessori School locations (Starcreek, West Plano, North Dallas), call 972-727-2800

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  • Maria Montessori: A Brief Biography

    Many people have heard of Montessori Private Elementary Schools. You’ve probably heard people talking about how innovative they are; allowing students to try new activities and pursue what they are interested in. Montessori schools encourage children to love education by being able to have a say in what they learn about.

    However, Montessori schools wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for one woman— Maria Montessori .

    • Montessori was born in Italy in 1870. She came from a wealthy family, and because of this, she had the privilege of studying at the best schools and visiting the best museums and libraries. Education always played a very big role in Maria’s life, and she worked hard to become Italy’s very first woman doctor.
    • Working with children in the hospitals pushed her to accept a job taking care of the poor children of Rome in 1907. She became famous because of how well she cared for the children, and how well they turned out due to her Montessori method.
    • She was then invited to be in charge of her own classroom in America. Her class was awarded two gold medals because of their achievements during their time with Montessori.
      • Her method encouraged children to pursue their own interests. They could work independently, allowing them to learn at their own pace. They could also work in groups of children of varying ages—allowing them to teach and learn from one another.
    • Maria Montessori’s innovative method has been found to enable children to learn at a much higher level than average for their age group. These schools have been called some of the best elementary schools because they put the student in charge of their learning. The teacher is there to guide the student, not talk down to them or tell them what to think.


    The new Montessori School in Allen , as well as West Plano and North Dallas, can provide your children with a fabulous, original education that will encourage them to enjoy learning. Students from 6 weeks to age 12 can enroll in this private elementary school and learn about math, language, music, art, science and much more!

    Maria Quote

  • Have you heard of the Alpha Writer Application by Montessorium?

    Do you have a young child just learning to read and write? Then this Alpha Writer App by Montessorium may be just the help they need.

    According to the Montessori method, writing comes before reading because children need to learn to express their ideas before they can learn to read and understand someone else’s.

    This app gives your child the practice they need to learn:

    • Basic rules
    • Phonetics
    • Consonants and vowels
    • Pronunciation

    All while playing games and creating their own stories!

    montessori app

    Montessori schools have been called some of the best schools in the country because of how well students do by taking charge of their own academic pursuits. For more information on The Montessori School in Allen, West Plano or North Dallas contact the friendly staff here at the Montessori School , 972-727-2800.