• How Montessori Schools Differ From Other Schools

    If you have heard of Montessori schools, then you have probably heard a little of their unique ideas on education and their new approach to the school system and structure. 

    The Montessori Method was developed in the early 1900s, by the Italian educator, Maria Montessori, who felt that children had a natural drive for learning, as well as self-direction.  Nowadays, Montessori schools have developed as private elementary schools, not as a trademark, but as an applied method integrated into certain educational systems. 

    Yet, these new methods in education always raise questions among parents, especially among parents who want to make sure that their children are being given every advantage. 

    Questions about the Montessori Method , such as why children should start so young—children can enroll as young as six weeks and some schools offer Montessori daycare—or how do children adapt as they graduate from elementary school, are expected.  And one of the most frequently asked question is how does a Montessori school differ from a typical school?  

    The Montessori method stresses freedom and independence, and the aim is that a child is enabled to work with stimulating and intriguing activities at their own pace and as accords to their own interests.  There is an understanding that these practices will help that child to develop independence and self-discipline.  At a Montessori school, the emphasis is on cognitive and social development through active participation. The classroom itself is structurally different, and class groups range in age.

    The Montessori school might be the best elementary school for your child.  If you are living in the Allen, Texas area, you can find out more about the Montessori School mission and learn more about our school, just newly opened and ready to take your young, bright minds and lead them into the future.

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  • See What Others are Saying About the Montessori System

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    Here you’ll find several people discussing the Montessori method and its benefits for children as well as parents and teachers.

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  • Is Montessori Daycare Right for Your Child?


    Montessori is one of the most popular new teaching methods being offered in private schools around the country.  The method was developed by an Italian educator—Maria Montessori—in the early 1900’s after her close observation of young students.

    The Montessori Method promotes children learning at their own pace, by their own drive to explore and understand the world around them.  A Montessori classroom encourages freedom and independence, with the belief that these both will help develop problem-solving skills and self-discipline among the students. 

    Though Montessori is often offered as a private elementary school, you can also find Montessori daycare for your younger children.  In fact, it is often suggested that students start to learn through the Montessori Method at a young age, when their developing minds are so prime for learning.

    Some private elementary schools employing the Montessori Method ask for children to begin as young as three years old .  The spontaneous learning that occurs at this age, and the open and free environment of the Montessori classroom, is perfect for developing children.  Children are in such a sensitive period of learning in their early years—developing motor skills, social skills, cognitive skills, the whole gamut of necessary abilities—that the rich experiences offered at the Montessori school, and employed in Montessori daycare, might be the perfect thing for your child.

    If you want to learn more about the Montessori Method, you can read excerpts of the Montessori book, The Joyful Child .  

    And if you are interested in finding an excellent Montessori school, look into The Montessori School at Starcreek, North Dallas or West Plano. Find out more about those educational programs offered for younger children as well as if the enriching experience of a Montessori school is right for your child.

  • The Montessori School Wishes You a Happy Holiday

    How will you be spending the holidays this year?

    The Montessori School at Starcreek, North Dallas and West Plano will all be celebrating with our students this holiday season. Contact the schools to find out how you can participate this year.

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    We hope you and your family have a very merry holiday!

  • Montessori Teachers Make a Difference


    The American Montessori Society: Education That Transforms Lives

    Our Teachers Know They Make A Difference

    Our teachers are helping to develop autonomous, competent, caring, responsible individuals, not merely children with the “right” answers.

    Our children learn by touching, seeing, smelling, tasting, and exploring. They’re not just listeners.

    If you’d like to take an active part in a child’s wonder years, helping them learn to reason, to cooperate, to care – you belong with us. Teachers in Montessori schools create learning environments with children. Montessori classrooms are active places of learning for children and for adults too.

      – American Montessori Society

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  • The Benefits of Choosing The Montessori School

    • The Montessori School sets the standard for Montessori based education in North Texas with over 25 years of Montessori school experience.
    • State of the art technology and facilities
    • Caring and experienced staff
    • We stimulate the physical, emotional, intellectual and social growth of the total child while developing creativity and a positive self-image. The Montessori School strives to awaken the children’s interest in all subjects and to encourage in them to have a love of learning.
    • Affiliated with the American Montessori Society
    • Investment in Your Child’s Future : The Montessori School provides a top tier Montessori based education at a sensible pricing structure. The Montessori School provides a valuable, educational foundation for your child to build upon for their their entire academic careers.


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  • The Montessori School’s Enrichment Programs for Your Children

    The Montessori School has many enrichment programs to offer our students. These programs are offered as part of the school day and they are aimed at the creation of the whole child, not just one academically gifted. These programs supplement the academic environment and allow for a variety of activities to take place on a daily basis.

    These programs include:

                -Computer Instruction

                -Outdoor Gardening

                -Music Instruction

                -Science Experimentation

                -Reading Programs in our Extensive Library

                -Fine Arts in our specialized studio allowing for Drama and Art Appreciation

                -Physical Education

    Come visit our website for detailed information on each of these programs or call 972-727-2800.