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Aug 19, 2013 | | ,
Client's rating: 5 of 5

As a current family with 2 children at StarCreek, I feel an unfair opinion may have been expressed regarding the staff and care of children. We have a child in both a toddler and primary class; my husband, the grandparents and myself stop by randomly even after 2 years of care and have never experienced any teacher speaking inappropriately to the children. I have often felt that teachers exhibit a great deal of patience and regard for their well being regardless of age. As for academics, our family firmly believes that Star Creek does an exceptional job in laying a strong foundation with proven results. My 4 year old is excelling in Math based on the advanced work that StarCreek has implemented in their classes. Our children will thrive for years to come and after many observations and discussions we are strongly considering remaining at StarCreek until our children are no longer in elementary.

Regarding the director and front office staff, we have found Mrs. Cook's “open door” policy to be consistent and exceptional. Our neighbors and other family members involved with Star Creek feel the same. It makes me sad to think that someone has a bad day and relates an opinion based on one experience. Many of the teachers employed with StarCreek have been there since we started 2 years ago. A few may have left based on family circumstances and needs but for we have had the same teachers for both our children for 2 consecutive years. Our family would highly recommend StarCreek and continues to support their growing community.

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