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My oldest son was the very first student at this school (we literally toured in hard hats) and we had a wonderful experience! He attended primary and lower elementary classes & has mainstreamed beautifully into our local school district. It's been a few years since he left, so I decided to shop around before putting my younger son in preschool. While looking at the other top preschools in the area, I found most of them to have had a lot of turnover since I looked with my first child. Many were unclean (one smelled of mildew & most had dirty carpets; etc.) Many had new managers, unfriendly or unprofessional staff and almost all of them had a lot of children crying. I was pretty discouraged. I saved TMS for last because I knew how much I liked it when my first child attended. I was hoping it hadn't gone downhill like the others. When I walked in, the same front desk worker from 5 years before greeted me! The same Director is there, and many of the same teachers from years before were still there. (This speaks volumes about the way the school is being managed, imho) The building is light, bright & CLEAN. There were no children crying. This is something I notice when visiting this particular school-- it's always quiet. The kids are happy there. When I enrolled my second child, I found out his teacher didn't just have her Montessori certification, she also had a Bachelor's Degree from UNT (my Alma mater-- Go Mean Green!) and she had been at the school for 6 years. This blew me away! Who else is hiring preschool teachers that are this educated and keeping them on staff for 6+ years?? I also have to say, all the teachers and classroom assistants my boys have had at this school have been wonderful. My younger son is flourishing there, just as my older son did! The Montessori method fosters a life-long love of learning and it's been so much fun to see my younger son just as excited about going to school as my older son was. I am truly grateful to have found this school and I highly recommend it!

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