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Celebrate Valentine's Day!

Valentines Day

Valentine's Day is coming up! We will be celebrating the holiday here at each of the Montessori Schools.

For any questions regarding the Valentine's Day Party being held at each of the Montessori School locations (Starcreek, West Plano, North Dallas), call 972-727-2800

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Maria Montessori: A Brief Biography

Many people have heard of Montessori Private Elementary Schools. You’ve probably heard people talking about how innovative they are; allowing students to try new activities and pursue what they are interested in. Montessori schools encourage children to love education by being able to have a say in what they learn about.

However, Montessori schools wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for one woman—Maria Montessori.

  • Montessori was born in Italy in 1870. She came from a wealthy family, and because of this, she had the privilege of studying at the best schools and visiting the best museums and libraries. Education always played a very big role in Maria’s life, and she worked hard to become Italy’s very first woman doctor.
  • Working with children in the hospitals pushed her to accept a job taking care of the poor children of Rome in 1907. She became famous because of how well she cared for the children, and how well they turned out due to her Montessori method.
  • She was then invited to be in charge of her own classroom in America. Her class was awarded two gold medals because of their achievements during their time with Montessori.
    • Her method encouraged children to pursue their own interests. They could work independently, allowing them to learn at their own pace. They could also work in groups of children of varying ages—allowing them to teach and learn from one another.
  • Maria Montessori’s innovative method has been found to enable children to learn at a much higher level than average for their age group. These schools have been called some of the best elementary schools because they put the student in charge of their learning. The teacher is there to guide the student, not talk down to them or tell them what to think.


The new Montessori School in Allen, as well as West Plano and North Dallas, can provide your children with a fabulous, original education that will encourage them to enjoy learning. Students from 6 weeks to age 12 can enroll in this private elementary school and learn about math, language, music, art, science and much more!

Maria Quote

Have you heard of the Alpha Writer Application by Montessorium?

Do you have a young child just learning to read and write? Then this Alpha Writer App by Montessorium may be just the help they need.

According to the Montessori method, writing comes before reading because children need to learn to express their ideas before they can learn to read and understand someone else’s.

This app gives your child the practice they need to learn:

  • Basic rules
  • Phonetics
  • Consonants and vowels
  • Pronunciation

All while playing games and creating their own stories!

montessori app

Montessori schools have been called some of the best schools in the country because of how well students do by taking charge of their own academic pursuits. For more information on The Montessori School in Allen, West Plano or North Dallas contact the friendly staff here at the Montessori School, 972-727-2800.

5 Tips for Finding the Best Elementary School Near You


As a parent, your children’s education is one of your biggest concerns. There are a number of different types of schools outs there: public elementary school, private elementary school, charter schools.  There are so many options, not to mention the different curriculums and social options they offer.

You want to find the best elementary school for your young children so that they can learn the importance of education at a young age. Your children deserve to be in an academic environment where they feel safe, happy, and where they love learning. Here are 5 tips for finding the best elementary school near you: 

  1. Ask family, friends, and coworkers with children. They may know about some great elementary schools close to your neighborhood that offer fun, educational classes taught by great teachers that the kids love.
  2. Find out about locations and bus schedules for each school you’re interested in. If you plan on driving your children to school every morning, take a test drive over. If your children typically take the bus to school, request a schedule to see where and when each bus stops in the morning so you can find the best option.
  3. Go in and speak with principals, teachers, and other parents if you can. Ask about the curriculum and philosophies on learning. You want to choose a school with a variety of different classes so that your children have the opportunity to pursue a number of their interests.
  4. Take a look at the facilities—the rooms, playground, bathrooms—is the school in good condition?
  5. Ask about clubs, teams, and elective courses such as music, computer science, sports, and other hobbies your children may be interested in.

You’ll find that private elementary schools offer a variety of great courses, fun electives, and beautiful facilities.

The Montessori School encourages children to pursue their interests, learning to freely express themselves, enjoy education, and learn about responsibility all at the same time. Give us a call for admission information, 972-727-2800. Our schools are conveniently located in Allen, Dallas and Plano.

Spreading the Love at The Montessori School

Valentine's Day is drawing near

and The Montessori School has something to hear

We're having a party so bring some treats

Sign up for what you would like to eat

Valentines will be given, to each girl and boy

Bring them signed, so that all can enjoy!


*For any questions regarding the Valentine's Day Party being held at each of the Montessori School locations (Starcreek, West Plano, North Dallas), call 972-727-2800.

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