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Vision and Hearing Screening

It is a Texas State law that all students age four years and up must be tested on a yearly basis for hearing and vision.  We offer this testing at The Montessori School as well as optional academic testing; however, you always have the option to take your child to your own physician for these tests. 

Our school is required to keep documentation that every child over the age of four has had these tests.  If you are not going to have your child tested for vision and hearing at our school, we need this documentation by April 15th. For more information or any questions, call 972-727-2800.


3 Reasons to Choose Montessori Schools for Your Child at Any Age

Parents the world over can agree that certain components in a child’s life are fundamental to their future as a successful adult.  Keeping your child clothed, fed, and sheltered are some of the most basic needs a parent can provide, but parental duties go much deeper than that.  Keeping your child safe and protected from harm and healthy are also of the utmost importance.  There is one extremely important piece of the puzzle we have yet to mention—education.

Choosing the right school for your child is dependent on several factors, but at the end of the day, it is about encouraging your child to develop and grow in an exciting, nurturing environment.  For these reasons, we have put together a list of three reasons to consider sending your child to a Montessori school.

1. “Teach by teaching, not by correcting.”

“Teach by teaching, not by correcting,” is the guiding statement behind Montessori teaching methods.  Your child will not be discouraged by bad grades and marked up papers.  Rather, Montessori teachers focus on respecting your child and their strengths and create individualized projects to encourage their talents and strengthen their weaknesses.

2. Representative of different and effective teaching methods.

Montessori schools emphasize learning with all five senses, rather than just listening and reading.  Children are presented with numerous different activity options to learn and hone their strengths in an environment that is engaging.

3. Smaller class sizes, specially trained teachers

Montessori classes are kept to a size of thirty or under, and the teachers are specially trained to teach each individual student according to their learning styles.  Training includes education in a classroom setting, as well as hours doing hands on practice with the children. 

If you have any more questions about Montessori schools and think one might be the right option for you and your child, then be sure to contact us today at The Montessori School. (972) 727-2800

Mark Your Calendars! Next Saturday is Presentation Day at The Montessori School

Presentation Day!

You are formally invited to our annual event,

A day to share with your star-student!

A chance to see your little one shine,

They’ll show you their best work, displayed ’round the line.


And who can forget the cutest of all?

The toddler sing-a-long will be a big ball!

Their favorite songs they can’t wait to share,

We know you’ll make plans to definitely be there!


A day to remember, we’re sure it will be.

So gather your friends and all family.

You don’t want to be late!

So to everyone we say…


Elementary and Primary Presentations Open House: Saturday, April 16th, The Montessori School at StarCreek

For more information, give us a call (972) 727-2800. You can also receive more information and updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages! 


A Look at Montessori Schools vs. Public Schools

Young Girl Student Sitting in School Desk Writing the Alphabet

Your child’s elementary education is not something to take lightly. A private elementary school can help your child learn the life skills they need to succeed. If you are trying to find the best elementary school for your child, then consider the benefits of Montessori schools vs. public schools.


Unlike many public schools, Montessori private schools in Allen encourage academic excellence and high achievement. Higher expectations and a rigorous academic curriculum engage students’ interest and desire to learn. The Montessori school curriculum includes music, art, gardening, history, reading, writing, math, and many other fun and educational enrichment programs.

Moral Values

Private elementary schools help instill important civic and core values at an early age. Get your child on the right track and increase proper social development with the right set of moral values. The Montessori Preschool Plan teaches your children the principals and ethics they need to thrive in our growing society.


Montessori schools help to develop lifelong study habits and concentration skills that public schools are unable to provide. Private schools also promote inner discipline, organization, persistence, and improve your child’s attitude towards higher education. Give your child the self-confidence and basic skills they need with a Montessori daycare program.

School Safety

Your child needs a safe and comfortable environment in order to learn. According to the Schools and Staffing Survey (SASS), private schools tend to make students feel 64% safer than public school environments. The first few years away from home can be scary for your child; make the transition easier by finding the safest private school possible.

Whether you are looking for the best elementary school or a Montessori daycare for your child, our teachers provide the services for your child’s needs. For programs, locations, or to register for admission, visit our website today. 

You may also receive more information and updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages! 

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