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Feeling Uncertain? 3 Signs Montessori Schools are Right for Your Child

Are you looking for the elementary school that will work best for your child? Sometimes a private elementary school, such as a Montessori school, is your best option. 

 While all children can benefit from the individualized attention and focus on personal development provided by a Montessori school, here are a few signs that your child might be an exceptional fit at one of our private elementary schools:

1. Curiosity

If your child is particularly curious about the world around them and learning through hands-on experiences, then a Montessori elementary school or preschool might be the best option for your child. The Montessori method caters to this instinct—learning concrete actions and concepts through the use of all of a child’s senses—while public schools focus on mimicking and repetition.                                  

2. Doesn’t function well under pressure

Sometimes children struggle when they first get into school because of the strict structure of assignment and task due dates. If this is the case with your child, then a Montessori plan for preschool or elementary school is just right. Our private schools allow the students to learn at the pace that is good for them, making them more interested and successful with what they are learning.

3. Shyness

A particularly shy child, especially in preschool or early elementary school, may struggle in school due to the fact that interacting with large groups of people is daunting. At a Montessori school, the child has the opportunity to interact one-on-one with their teachers and peers, or, if they wish to concentrate on their own activities instead, they can choose to focus instead of forced socialization.

Young Girl Student Sitting in School Desk Writing the Alphabet

If you think that putting your child into a Montessori school would help them excel, then contact the Montessori School at Starcreek in Allen. For an overview of the programs that we offer, visit our website.

Are Private Schools Better Than Public Schools?

Are you unsure about which elementary school is best for your child? It is difficult to make a decision when it comes to your child’s education, because it’s absolutely critical that whichever avenue you take produces the best results.

This video discusses the pros and cons of public and private schooling to help you make a decision about whether or not to place your child in a private school. Children and parents are both interviewed, giving you a personal scope on which option may be the best for you.

If you are interested in learning more about enrolling your child in a private elementary school or preschool, then contact the Montessori School at Starcreek in Allen.

Visit our website for an overview of what Montessori strives to do for your child’s education. (972) 727-2800

5 Enrichment Programs Available to Your Elementary Schooler at Montessori Schools

It seems like every year we hear about the removal of programs that encourage cultural education and creativity from children’s education, which begs the question, “is public schooling really the best choice?”

These hands-on, creative experiences are crucial to the development of your child. At Montessori private elementary schools, enrichment programs are offered to maintain the worldly education that your child needs.

1.      Outdoor Gardening

Montessori elementary schools offer programs that involve hands-on gardening experiences, allowing your child to learn more about the natural world. Having them raise their own plants enables them to appreciate nature and gives them a sense of responsibility to help take care of the world on which they live.

2.      Music

Montessori elementary schools recognize that music is essential to the mental development of your child. It evokes parts of the brain that deal with science, math, and language—and it’s just plain fun! Music also gives the children an opportunity to express themselves in the way that they see fit, a freedom that is fading in public elementary schools.

3.      Physical Education

Getting up, moving around, exercising, and interacting with peers helps students focus more on academics throughout the rest of the day. The goal is to improve the students’ individual motor performance through various sports and team games.

4.      Fine Arts

Art is a good way to get a child’s creativity flowing while developing analytical and thinking skills. Since the focus is on the process rather than the product, students are able to really take their time and think about what it is they wish to produce and gain something instead of worrying about its reception.

5.      Science

Science labs give students the opportunity to have fun and learn through hands on experiences while learning about how the world around them really works. This opens up their minds early on to natural processes that many take for granted.

If you are looking for the elementary school that would be best for your child, contact the Montessori School at Starcreek in Allen or a partner school for more information. Visit our website for an overview of the enrichment programs that we offer to students. (972) 727-2800

Planning Ahead: May Events at The Montessori School

May 1 – 7: Teacher Appreciation Week                                                      

May 4: Muffins For Moms Breakfast

  • 7:30 - 8:00 : Primary & Elementary Classes
  • 8:00 - 8:30 : Infant & Toddler Classes

May 26: Last Day of School Picnic and Field Day

  • Dismissal for All Students at 12:00 P.M.

May 30: Memorial Day - School closed for all services


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