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Listening to Children

One of the cornerstones of Maria Montessori’s Method is to follow or listen to the child. In other words, in a Montessori school, the teacher is not the main focus of attention. Montessori schools recognize that child-led educational initiatives are much more meaningful.

When you watch this video, you’ll see a demonstration of this principle. It features John Hunter, a teacher and the creator of the World Peace Game. He developed the World Peace Game to teach children about peace and compassion, but he came to realize that the children who participated were actually the teachers. Within the prepared environment of a Montessori school, the lessons of compassion arise organically.

The Montessori School nurtures young learners in a supportive and carefully designed environment to allow them to reach their full potential. For more information, call The Montessori School in Allen at (972) 727-2800 or in North Dallas at (972) 985-8844.

Exploring the Philosophy at The Montessori School at StarCreek

At The Montessori School, our goal is to help each child reach his or her potential by actualizing his or her own self-expectations. Our individualized Montessori school classrooms encourage students to be independent learners as they explore and thrive in our nurturing environment. From six weeks of age to sixth grade, we instill confidence, independence, and a love of learning in each child.

We believe that every child who enters our Montessori schools has an innate ability to learn and achieve. We focus on helping each child reach that potential by building a healthy attitude about learning, build his or her confidence in achievement, and providing a safe place for exploration, curiosity, and self-expression. The skills we develop in Montessori school are designed to help each student conquer their continued education with confidence.

Could The Montessori School be right for your child? Find out more about our schools in Dallas and Allen by calling (972) 727-2800. We can answer all of your questions about our curriculum, Montessori school enrollment in Dallas and Allen, and arrange a visit to one of our campuses.‚Äč

A Parent's Role in Toddler Education

The Toddler program at The Montessori School is open to children between the ages of 18 months and 3 years. We provide a nurturing educational environment in which children can thrive during this important developmental period in which children build 80% of their personalities while making drastic strides in mobility and gross and fine motor skills. In the classrooms in our Montessori schools, we encourage children to work independently and explore in a safe environment by respecting their natural curiosity, so that students grow to love learning. Parents also play a crucial role during this period. Here are some of the ways that you can support your toddler’s education outside of Montessori school.

Be a Role Model

If you want your child to love to learn, show him or her that you think learning is important to yourself as well. Take time to learn things together by exploring nature, cooking new recipes, and reading together. Let your child see you doing things that expand your knowledge as well, such as reading the newspaper. When learning is a central part of your family life, you can show your child by example how important it is—and how fun it can be.

Make Learning Connections

When your child learns new things, help him or her connect them to the rest of the word. For instance, when your child learns numbers, ask him or her to count cars, stoplights, or license plates for practice when you drive. Help your child spot words he or she knows on signs, or involve him or her in counting forks for setting the table. When your child sees how the things he or she is learning apply to life, it reinforces his or her knowledge.

Avoid Overscheduling

There is so much pressure to have kids involved in activities that even toddlers can sometimes hardly get a break. Running from activity to activity negates the benefits of each individual pursuit because the stress of being overly busy takes the joy out of learning. Only take part in activities that truly engage your toddler instead of checking off a list of supposed must-do classes and camps.

The Montessori School is invested in developing strong and curious young learners from an early age. Find out more about our approach to education and our Montessori school in Dallas by calling (972) 727-2800.

Montessori Alum Spotlight: Stephen Curry

Montessori school can be a life-changing experience for students that sets them on a path for success. A case in point is NBA superstar Stephen Curry, an alumni of Montessori education. Watch this video to hear Stephen describe how his life was impacted by Montessori.

Stephen credits Montessori with giving him the confidence he needed to know that he could be successful at anything he tried. According to Stephen, Montessori helped shape him into the individual he is today on and off the court.

Discover the impacts of Montessori education for yourself by contacting The Montessori School to find out more about our program. Contact our Montessori schools in Allen and Dallas by calling (972) 727-2800.

The Benefits of an Early Start in Montessori School

Montessori school helps your child build skills that will help him or her thrive in every kind of classroom and approach life with confidence. Getting an early start in Montessori gives your child even more time in this environment that is designed specifically to support the development of young minds. If you are exploring early education options for your child, here are some of the benefits of choosing a Montessori school.

Child-Centered Learning

The curriculum in the Montessori classroom is determined by each child’s individual needs, interests, and abilities. Your child will have the ability to approach learning activities at his or her own pace as well as collaboratively with fellow students. Not only does this allow children to practice their social skills as they learn, but it also helps children become confident in their own abilities rather than feeling overwhelmed or ostracized if they learn at a different speed or in a different way than most of the class.

Focus on Independent and Individuality

No two students are considered to be the same in the Montessori classroom. Rather, each student is encouraged to immerse him or herself in school project, exploring and discovering independently. This approach honors each child’s distinct learning style and encourages the unique skills each child possesses. As children become independent learners in the classroom, they embrace a greater sense of independence and individuality outside of school as well.

Strengthening of Social Skills

In addition to learning independently in Montessori school, children also get the chance to work collaboratively with their peers. They can ask for help from their peers, provide assistance, and choose to work on projects together. Because Montessori classrooms are multi-age, children get the chance to build relationships outside of their specific age group and experience what it is like to both have a mentor and be a mentor.

If you are interested in Montessori education for your young child, visit The Montessori School today to learn more about our early education programs in our Montessori schools in Allen and Dallas. Arrange a tour or get answers to your questions about Montessori schools by calling (972) 727-2800.

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