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Android App: Mobile Montessori Free

No price can be placed on the value of a good education, as any Montessori school teacher will tell you. If you give children the tools they need to succeed while they are young, then they will develop into accomplished adults.

The Mobile Montessori Android app is designed to help children enrolled at a Montessori school with at-home activities. This app provides children with brain power-building games that are sure to keep them laughing and learning for hours.


The Montessori School is dedicated to your child’s education and continued success. To find out more about our programs and enrollment, give us a call today at (972) 727-2800 for our Starcreek branch, (972) 985-8844 for our Dallas branch, and (972) 618-8844 for our West Plano branch.

Kids' Summer Activites: Clothespin Pinwheel


Looking for some fun  activities to do with the kids this summer? Martha Stewart provides 60 summer activities on including the Clothespin Pinwheel! 

This fun craft is tacked to a clothespin so you can clip them to anything -- like a bicycle basket!

First, cut two 5-inch squares in different colors from patterned paper. Glue back-to-back and let dry. Then, draw diagonal lines from corner to corner. Make a 3-inch cut along each line. Fold every other point toward center and glue. Affix to clothespin with map tack and you're done!

All of us at the Montessori Schools of StarCreek, West Plano and North Dallas hope you're having a wonderful summer! (972) 727-2800 

Planning Ahead for The Montessori School: August 2011

Make sure you mark these important dates on your calendar! 

  • August 1 - 10: Services for full time students only. No Montessori classes.
  • August 11 - 12: School closed for all services (Teacher planning days)
  • August 13: Open house 10 am - 11 am
  • August 15: First day of fall semester! 

Questions? Give us a call (972) 727-2800 

You can also receive more information on and weekly updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages!  

The Importance of Music in Childhood Education at a Montessori School

Many schools can teach reading, writing, and arithmetic, but few understand the value of music in supplementing a child’s ability to learn. Montessori schools know that an emphasis on musical education is essential for many reasons, including the following.

Preschool Children in a Music Class

  • Instill Dedication: The old adage “practice makes perfect” holds true when it comes to musical education at a Montessori school. By learning about music and musical instruments, children begin to understand that dedication, effort, and commitment are necessary for success in any area.
  • Strengthen Learning Skills: Studies have shown that children who experience music from a young age have a better aptitude for retaining knowledge. If you want your child to have a wide variety of interests and a capacity for learning well into adulthood, then familiarizing them with music at a Montessori schools is the perfect place to start.
  • Improve Memory: Children who are exposed to music in early childhood at a Montessori school have been shown to develop a better capability for memory. Spatial reasoning goes hand-in-hand with memory development, and children who can appreciate music exhibit proficiency in both areas.
  • Build Confidence: Confidence is yet another invaluable gift for your child. A confident child is a happy child, independent and assured of his or her ability to make friends. An exploration of music in your child’s educational program will help him or her develop necessary social skills.

If you would like your children to experience a diverse curriculum full of mind-enriching programs, then enroll them at one of the Montessori Schools in the DFW area.

Contact us today to find out more about our renowned learning programs. For questions or to speak with our friendly staff, call (972) 727-2800 for our Starcreek branch, (972) 985-8844 for our Dallas branch, and (972) 618-8844 for our West Plano branch. 

Considering The Montessori School? Come See Us and Get a FULL Tour!

If you're thinking about sending your children to a Montessori school, we'd like you to have a calm and enjoyable decision making experience. 

Each of our Montessori schools in Allen, Dallas and Plano offer tours for parents who would like to learn more about the benefit of their child receiving a Montessori education.

When you schedule a tour with us, you will get to see all the facilities, meet the staff and get a feel for what makes our Montessori schools unique. 

Our fall semester is just around the corner so give us a call today to set up your tour! We can also give you more information about our enrollment specials. 

(972) 727-2800

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