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Tips for Embracing Montessori Principles at Home

Are you planning to enroll your child in a Montessori school? If so, then you may be looking for ways to support your child’s learning and progress while she isn’t in class. Use the following tips to embrace the principles of the Montessori approach at home:

Prepare Your Home for Exploration

Allowing your child freedom to explore her environment is one of the principles of the Montessori approach. However, this only applies when the child is provided with a safe environment to do so. Letting your child explore her home can help foster independence and decision making, but you should ensure that the areas she may explore are free of dangerous or breakable objects.

Allow Your Child to Mimic You

Much of what a child learns is through watching the actions of the people around her. For this reason, your child will absorb a great deal from observing and mimicking your movements. To promote this and foster the Montessori principle of providing children with opportunities for hands-on learning, have your child help with things like preparing food when suitable. You can also provide her with pots and utensils to play with while you are cooking in the kitchen.

Create a Toy Organization System

Another important principle that your child will be introduced to at her Montessori school is organization. The Montessori approach emphasizes the importance of making a child’s environment as attractive and orderly as possible to assist her in developing intelligence and mental order. To practice this at home, create an organization system for your child’s toys, rather than keeping them in a single, mixed container. Many parents choose to do this using a toy shelf that offers plenty of space to keep items neatly arranged.

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