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Spotlight on the Montessori Upper Elementary Curriculum

Are you exploring your options for private elementary school for your 4 th, 5 th, or 6 th grader? If so, then consider upper elementary Montessori school education. Structured for children ages 9 through 12, a Montessori upper elementary program replaces traditional textbooks with Montessori materials whenever possible. Instructors first ensure that students have a solid understanding of a concept before introducing textbook work.

The Montessori upper elementary curriculum includes reading, geometry, mathematics, grammar, and language arts. Also, your child will receive education in history, geography, social studies, foreign language, science, nature studies, botany, and zoology. Lastly, the Montessori upper elementary curriculum includes art and music, and your child will get the chance to use instruments like the piano and recorder.

The Montessori School offers upper and lower elementary school programs designed to foster your child’s love of education and learning. Are you interested in Montessori school enrollment in North Dallas? If so, then please call (469) 685-1732. To contact our Allen location, please dial (972) 727-2800.

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