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A Look at the Principles of Montessori Education

Montessori education differs in many ways from traditional schools and can have a profound impact on the way your child learns for life. Montessori schools are all designed around Maria Montessori’s method of educating children, which she based on extensive research into how children develop and learn. Schools operate around five core principles that define the Montessori approach to education.

Respect for the Child

Respecting each child is the foundation upon which Montessori education is built. In the Montessori classroom, teachers respect children by allowing them to learn and make choices for themselves. Instead of instructing, correcting, and assessing, teachers are there to guide children as they explore their own interests.

The Absorbent Mind

The Montessori philosophy is that children don’t need a formal instruction session to learn. Instead, their naturally absorbent minds involuntarily retain information from the environment around them. Learning is something that happens without any specially directed efforts.

Sensitive Periods

A sensitive period is one in which a child is particularly open to learning a certain set of skills. Sensitive periods are tied to a unique skill. For instance, during a child’s sensitive period to writing, he or she will learn writing more easily than at any other time. All children experience sensitive periods, but they don’t necessarily have them in the same order or at the same point in their lives. Teachers in Montessori classrooms look for signs of sensitive periods so they can guide children towards activities that make use of this special learning ability.

The Prepared Environment

Montessori school classrooms are prepared environments. This means that they are equipped with things that allow children to learn for themselves and move freely to explore. This includes the use of child-sized materials and a variety of learning tools so that education can truly be active and child-driven.


Auto-education underpins most of the practices in the Montessori classroom. Children are able to auto-educate, or self-educate, if they are in a prepared environment in which they have freedom of choice. The teacher’s role is to facilitate auto-education for the students.

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