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Highlighting Major Differences Between Montessori and Traditional Education

There are many differences between Montessori and traditional education, such as students learning with all five senses and at their own pace. This method is more conducive to productive and complete learning that students can take with them throughout their entire education. Read on to learn about more differences between Montessori and traditional education.

Montessori encourages learning using all five senses.

The Montessori School and educational theory seeks to give students a complete education using all five senses. Sight, touch, taste, smell, and hearing are all addressed during a Montessori education. Children can strengthen all of their senses throughout a typical day at The Montessori School. This type of sense-based education encourages students to continually explore and learn using their entire environment.

Montessori encourages learning at an individual pace.

One of the biggest differences between Montessori and traditional education concerns the learning pace of each student. In traditional schools, students are often required to learn as a class and achieve the same goals and deadlines at the same time. Montessori schools, however, encourage each student to learn at his or her own pace. Students are given their lessons and assignments, and then they are encouraged to complete each task in the time that allows each student to fully understand the concept.

Montessori encourages teaching on an individual basis.

Each Montessori teacher acts as a guide for his or her students and seeks to give every child individual education and attention. Traditional schools stress teachers to teach the entire class and then adjust for each student as needed. This theory can cause teachers to become overstressed trying to help every child reach the same required milestones. The Montessori approach encourages teachers to work with each child first to understand how he or she learns.

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