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Creating a Supportive Home Environment for Your Montessori Toddler

Your home environment will have a direct impact on your toddler’s success in a Montessori preschool plan. If you do not create a supportive and engaging environment, then your toddler’s education and experience may not be fully realized at The Montessori School. You can avoid this and encourage your child’s success by using the following tactics at home.

Encourage Individual Learning

It is important for your toddler to take control of himself and his choices. Encourage and teach your child to learn how to care for himself or learn about the world around him. Offer him toys and engage in activities that develop his senses. For example, blocks and silly putty help your toddler develop his tactile and sight senses. Helping cook or prep a meal can develop his senses of taste and smell. Playing music and speaking to him will further develop his sense of hearing and his ability to speak and understand others.

Offer Choices

Toddlers often become defiant and desperate to prove their independence. Independence is a great trait to encourage. However, defiance, arguments, and power struggles can be avoided by offering your toddler choices. This is a common feature found in Montessori schools, because students are likelier to achieve the required end goal when they are allowed the choice to pursue it.

Incorporate Practical Activities

Your toddler has likely shown interest in your daily activities and chores. This is the perfect time to teach your child about practical activities, such as sweeping, doing laundry, and setting the table. Learning these necessary skills will set up your child with a greater chance of success throughout his daily life.

If you are interested in The Montessori School’s toddler program, then call our Montessori School enrollment office in Dallas, Texas at (972) 985-8844. We can help you and your child develop a better understanding of the Montessori approach and how it can benefit your toddler for the rest of his life. If you wish to enroll at our Allen campus, then call us at (972) 727-2800.

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