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Spotlight on Our Early Infant Program's Daily Activities

The Montessori School is dedicated to giving children a complete education and experience from six weeks of age through 6 th grade. Our early infant program is filled with a highly interactive, yet soothing, environment to help infants develop the necessary skills and understanding for a successful childhood. Let’s take a look at the daily activities we provide for our infant students.

Infants from six weeks to twelve months in age are exposed to soft music, smiling faces, educational toys, and various activities. Our activities include interaction with other babies, infant exercises, and object recognition. These activities help babies to develop their fine and gross motor skills, which will encourage greater movement and physical understanding as they age. Our teachers also expose the babies to sign language, speech, song, books, and play to further develop their social interaction and future educational success.

The early infant program is only available at our Montessori School in Allen, Texas. However, all Montessori schools offer a wide range of programs and activities for children. Please call The Montessori School location in Allen at (972) 727-2800. Our North Dallas campus can be reached at (972) 985-8844.

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