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Selecting Montessori Toys for Your Toddler

One of the best ways to bring Montessori principles from your toddler’s program into your home is to select Montessori-friendly toys. As you shop for new toys for your toddler, here are some strategies you can use to choose ones that fit into the Montessori philosophy.

Choose Toys Made from Natural Materials

Montessori emphasizes the importance of connecting with nature and natural items. Instead of choosing toys made from plastic for your toddler, look for ones made of wood, cotton, wool, and even glass. Using these materials helps toddlers to develop a relationship with natural things, and it helps to keep kids safe from toxins that could be present in artificially manufactured items. Natural materials also help children to learn from their actions. For instance, throwing a plastic toy is unlikely to break it, but throwing something made of wood or glass can cause it to break or shatter. Children learn that their acts have consequences by seeing that immediate reaction.

Choose Toys That Look Realistic

In Montessori education, toys that look like real-life items are preferred over ones that are fantastical. For instance, a stuffed bear should be brown or another natural color for a bear rather than pink or purple. Giving toddlers toys that look like real items helps them to build a foundation of knowledge about those items while also allowing them to use their own imaginations to use them in creative ways.

Choose Toys That Are Simple

Simplicity is prized in Montessori education. Simple toys let kids really focus on the toy and all of its functions, instead of being distracted or overwhelmed by all of the bells and whistles. For example, building blocks that also feature pictures distract from the fact that the blocks are for building.

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